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August 15, 2011

Are You Wasting Your Time?

These days if you don't manage your time well you are bound to drop the ball.  With so many people feeling more competitive than ever, dropping the ball is not an option.

If time is of the essence, what are the things we all could cut out (or minimize) to make more of the minutes we have?  I started thinking the other day, what exactly are the things that I do that are simply wasting my time.

Time we will never get back.

Time in which your competition is using to close in on your - business, desired job, internship -- your future.

Here are some of the things I came up with:

  • E-mail. While e-mail is a useful and powerful communication tool - is it helping of hurting to check it consistently throughout the day?  Could it be interrupting your focus?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Oh my! I know it's fun - I'm addicted - but are social networks taking up too much of your time?  Obvi if you business is social media, then by all means live on the network.  But for the rest of us, perhaps we could lay off on the every-few-minutes status updates and likes.
  • Texting, Sexting, whatever it is you're typing away there. If you are like me and your phone has become physically attached to your hand, you may be wasting time.  Minimize the random hello texts, and maximize your time.
  • Meetings without purpose. Are you in meeting hell?  Do you have meetings with seemingly no outcome?  Are you scheduling "networking" coffee meet ups with no follow up points or significant take aways?  Know and understand what you can handle via e-mail and what needs to be done in person.  Good business is done in person - but with good business there's always a purpose.
  • Lack of direction. Start the day off knowing what you NEED to accomplish, what you WANT to accomplish, and one far-reaching goal that would put your day over the top.  Without direction, you'll be going around in circles.
  • Random online surfing and banking. Do you spend time looking at tons of stuff (shoes?) online and then close the window with no outcome?  Time waster.  Do you read endless amounts of online content and blogs that have nothing to do with your industry?  Time waster.


The grand insight here is Focus Your Energies.  What are some other time wasters you can think of?

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